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Lipid IV therapy - PK protocol

We are excited to announce that we have this new revolutionary treatment available in our office. Phosphatidylcholine (PC) is one of the most groundbreaking therapies now available which was originated by Patricia Kane, Ph.D., a renowned biochemist.

Phosphatidylcholine, an unsaturated fatty acid that forms the major component of inner and outer cell membranes, is infused along with activated folic acid and glutathione. Used in combination with the PK protocol, giving PC Intravenously (IV) has been shown to reduce plaque in arteries. It is given IV with Folinic acid, and Glutathione, usually alternating with chelation IV's. There is a synergistic effect between these two IV's effectively and safely removing plaque from the arteries.

Glutathione with PC comprise the key components of the PK Protocol. Glutathione is an important intracellular antioxidant that is especially important in protecting liver, brain, and kidney cells from toxicity and free radicals. It is a naturally occurring tripeptide synthesized within the body which safely and effectively supports the detoxification of heavy metals and chemicals.

Leucovorin or Folinic acid is a vitamin of the B vitamin folic acid (vitamin B-9), which supports the body processes of detoxification per methylation and helps to stabilize phospholipids in the cell membrane.

The P-K protocol is employed particularly in patients being treated for:

Mental confusion related to liver disease may dramatically improve, especially when also treated with intravenous phenyl butyrate, an organic acid.

The PK protocol involves infusions of Essential Phospholipid (EPL) lipid exchange in a branded product called LipoStabil. The treatment replaces the bad fats in a persons membranes with good essential fatty acids, creating younger, healthier membranes. 

An infusion of Leucovorin (Folinic acid) is then given, which is crucial for your DNA function and repair.

Finally, Glutathione is infused by IV push. Glutathione is the body’s premier detoxifier.

It has been found that IV and oral PC along with balanced fatty acids can improve neurological and liver function, memory, and athletic endurance. It may be able to reverse fatty liver, and for patients with liver disease, this would be a treatment of choice along with supplements and diet.

PC levels in all tissues decrease with age, and PC treatment is able to reverse age related changes in the lipid membrane composition, thus rejuvenating all cells. The lipid neuronal cell membranes are turned over and made new every 24 hours, so adequate presence of PC and the correct balance of essential fats and oils can make rapid and significant inroads into neurodegenerative conditions. This is why Patricia Kane’s husband, Edward Kane (an expert in lipid chemistry) concluded that PC is life. Beneficial changes may diminish within 4 months of discontinuation of IV and oral supplementation, so a lifetime maintenance program may be necessary for most patients.

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